Learn to Play Drums by Availing Free Lessons Online

Looking for some drum classes so that you can enhance the skills? If yes, then visit the website of Icanplaydrums.com.

The website offers 250 free drum lessons. You need to visit the website and choose the lesson from drop-down menu:

• Choosing gear
• Setting up kit
• Setting up pedals
• Tunning toms
• How to hold control dynamics
• How to control speeds
• Seat height and balance
• Drumstick choice
• Different stick sounds
• Drumset warm-ups
• Drumming stretches

These are the general lessons. However, if you are looking for something specific, then scroll downs further to find the sections such as:

1. Drum theory / notation
2. Rock
3. Jazz
4. Latin
5. Snare exercises and solos
6. Rudiments
7. Pedals and double brass drumming
8. Studio drumming
9. Advanced drumming
10.Drum covers
11.Drum playlong
12.Famous drum beats – modern
13.Famous drum beats – classic

Every section contains at least 20-25 lessons provided for free.

All these drum lessons will train you accordingly. Moreover, visiting the website will let you know about the students who received recognition such as ‘Australia’s best up & Coming Drummer Competition 2012’ award.

These days, to learn playing the drums has not remained a big task. You do not have to wander from pillar to post in search of masters who can provide you drumming lessons. Gone are those days, when you have to wait for years due to lack of available masters and trainers for availing the advanced drumming lessons. But, now the resources are available that can cover all aspects of drumming at no cost.


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